Humidifier for Baby

humidifierNow that the weather is cooling down and the heat may be cranking up, it is time to put the humidifier in your baby’s room. Not does it only help make the air moist and therefore breathing easier, it helps with congestion too. Make sure that it is on a stable, safe surface; wires are out of baby’s reach, and that you clean the unit routinely. My personal favorite is the Safety First Humidifier.

5 Minute Hair Styles

5 min hairOn top of the other 100 things us mommies have to do in the morning, getting our hair to look “presentable” is just another thing on our checklist. My sisters and I have come up with 9 quick hairstyles that any woman can put together in 5-minutes or less! After figuring out a 5-minute makeup look, the next thing on our checklist was our hair! After all, hair, makeup and attire are the three most important things to make us look (and feel) like we have it together! All you need for these simple styles are a couple of bobby pins and a plain black no damage hair tie (or two). Here are the detailed how-tos. Enjoy and happy styling!

Stop the Sliding Changing Pad

contact nonskid linerSo, when I recently posted about my favorite Ikea Dresser turned changing table which also holds my all time favorite Sara Bear Diaper Caddy… I encountered a little problem with the changing pad sliding on top of the dresser… So I racked my brain to think of a solution and here is what I came up with! I placed a 1.5 foot piece of non slip drawer liner underneath the changing pad.. and voi la! No more sliding when my girls are trying to wiggle off! I also use these under all my small rugs downstairs just to prevent any unnecessary slipping! You can find them everywhere, the Dollar store, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, and even your local grocery store!

Sleep Training Baby Tips

sleeoSo there are a lot of articles and websites on how to sleep train your baby… what age to start… what to do.. how to do it… where to do… who should do it… and that all is GREAT… but here are some basic tips to help you get your goals no matter what you choose to do!

1. Start early – By this I mean use the first month or two to get all your cuddling and rocking baby to sleep out of your system.. because then I want you to think about what you want your 6 month old to need to put themselves to sleep… A lot of parents develop habits for their kids, only to then want to do away with them a few months later.. that is NOT fair to your baby!!! Keep in mind from early on what you want and don’t want your baby to need to fall asleep… and be fair to them too!

2. Be consistent – that means mommy, daddy, grandparents and caretakers. For those of you who have my book, I stress this a lot, but consistency is key. As long as everyone is following the same routine before bedtime, our little ones start associating what will come next and there are no surprises. At first its hard, but believe me, it pays to be consistent!

3. Be patient – if you start sleep training and it’s a disaster.. take a couple of weeks off.. then try again. Maybe your baby isn’t ready, maybe your baby is having a growth spurt and it’s bad timing. Maybe…. It will take a few days to get your baby to catch on… so if he or she is not ready… just dust yourself off, wait a couple of weeks, and try again!

4. Be flexible – if you try one method and you hate it or daddy hates it or baby hates it… take a week off and try a new method… try to blend methods… make up your own method… Just because one method does not work for you, even though it worked for all your best friends and your mom and your sister, does not mean it has to work for you. Every baby is different, so keep trying until you succeed.

Happy sleeping babies to you all!!!

Perfect Pre/Post Preggo Pants

Alright, let’s talk about my latest discovery… the best pre- and post- pregnancy pants ever… My younger sister found them by accident and now we literally own every single pair! They are the UniQlo Leggings Pants!! They come in great colors and have a real button in the front and real pockets in the back. The ‘zipper’ and front ‘pockets’ are sewn in seams, so your pregnancy/mommy brain never has to worry about accidentally leaving your zipper undone! Best part is that they LOOK like real pants and have an amazing stretch at the waist and legs to really accommodate your pre- or post- preggo belly! I literally wear them to work everyday… Definitely check them out when you can… you will not be disappointed. Oh wait, did I forgot to mention that they are ONLY $22!!! Yes real- looking, super comfy stretch pants for only $22! I will post a few outfits that I came up with wearing these pants and simple tops, getting looks for under $40! Stay tuned….