The Author

nina-250Nina Raoji

I created RaisingBaby as a portal to share my experiences and advice for getting through baby’s first year.

By profession I am an advance practice nurse/ nurse practitioner specialized in pediatrics. I started my nursing career as a pediatric ICU nurse and then went back to school to get my Masters in Nursing in Pediatrics from the University of Pennsylvania.

I then worked in a pediatric emergency department, followed by a job in a children’s developmental and behavioral clinic. I have worked with very sick kids, happy, healthy kids and everything in between.

NayaOver the last three years, I have been blessed with the birth of my daughters, Naya & Niva, and five wild nephews. Alongside my family, I have an amazing group of 12 friends, all with kids born within six months of my baby girls.

With all this combined professional and real life experience, I decided to compile a set of guidelines for that crazy first year, using concepts that worked for most of us ­­­(although they were definitely tweaked here and there by each of us). I hope that this guide and website will help make baby’s first year a little easier!

More About the Book:

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