Interviewing a Baby Sitter – 5 Essential Questions

Thinking about child care when you are not at home might be one of the most petrifying things to have to think about. So, I thought about the top 5 things that I feel are essential to ask someone when you are interviewing them for a babysitting gig. Please feel free to add on essential questions that you feel are important, but here are mine, in no particular order:IMG_8245-2

1. When would you feel the need to call/text me? (I would expect a call/text even in the case of trying a new food). What would you do in case of an emergency?

2. Are you CPR certified? If not, are you willing to get trained within 2 weeks of starting to work here (you can compensate this cost if you would like)?

3. Can you describe a typical day of babysitting children this age? (then say for example how much TV time, how much crafts time, etc.) – we do not promote any media time with our kids right now, so if the babysitter has a lot of media time planned, for me it would be a no no.

4. Are you comfortable with: changing diapers (can you tell me the cardinal rule for changing a baby girls diaper (wipe front to back)), giving baths, brushing teeth, making formula, etc. depending on what your needs are. I have had many sitters tell me that they are NOT comfortable with things, which I appreciated, and also did not hire them knowing so.

5. How do you handle fighting/biting/tantrums? This will tell you a lot about how patient the sitter is and if s/he is willing to adopt your methods of disciplining. Like when I talked about not using time-outs anymore.

What additional questions do you have that you think could make or break a babysitter hire???

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