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Chapters are set up into two month segments.

Each segment contains a section on sleep, nutrition, growth, development, health maintenance, pediatric visits, tid bits, and goals to work towards.

The sections are color coded the same in each chapter making it a breeze to navigate through.

The bulleted format makes this a quick read with just the relevant information in your hands!


Manhattan Toy: My Snuggly Blankie


My Snuggly Blankie

I have gone through a ton baby products because I am very particular about everything related to baby. After trying all these products, I am now able to say that I have compiled a list of my FAVORITE things that I would LOVE to share with you all! And by NO means am I endorsing any brands, just sharing MY personal experiences! So, one of my absolute favorite, favorite things is the Manhattan Toy Snuggly Blankie.

My theme for my first baby was elephants. My aunt from Florida had gifted me Ellie the Elephant, Manhattan Toy Snuggly Blankie. Little did I know that this would become my daughters MOST FAVORITE thing in the whole world. We started using it during daytime naps supervised when she was about 4 months old. And then we let her just have it in the crib for naps and sleep at about 6.5 months (once she was really good at rolling over and moving it from her face if it was on top of her).

NOW at 14 months – we try to reserve it mainly for sleep, but ANYTIME she is cranky, fussy, tired, irritable, unsure (like first day at daycare), we give her the blankie and she is FINE (and gets a little sleepy J). She settles down immediately, she soothes herself to sleep with it; it is just GREAT! Not too big, not too small, and has a little hair pompom on its head that she loves.

So, I totally recommend this as a transitional object for baby (transitions into crib, separate room, etc.). However, feel free to use ANYTHING that you or baby likes – but the biggest TIP I can give you is to BUY MULTIPLES… because when baby is 3 years old and loses the original, you better have a back up to avoid a melt down.

“Seriously, you wrote a book?”

smallfbpicMany of my friends and family have asked me, “when did you find time to write a book!?” and “what made you do it?!” Here it is.

When my two nephews were born in 2009, I was pursuing my masters at University of Pennsylvania and had created a bunch of study guides for my courses. I would tell my sister what to do, when to do it, what to expect, etc.  I gave her a copy of my study guide from my pediatric developmental course, which she has taped to her fridge to this day. As our friends would come over, they would all look at the guide and say – “that’s so cool, can I make  a copy?”

Not thinking much of it at that time, I completed my masters, went to work as a pediatric nurse practitioner, and then got pregnant with my baby girl. Once she was born in 2011, I found myself using my study guide many times to remind me of so much that I had forgotten! On her 7 month birthday, I found out I was pregnant with another baby girl!!! I totally freaked out thinking, ‘HOW AM I GOING TO REMEMBER WHAT I DID WITH MY FIRST?!?!?!’

So, I sat down with my books, study guide and emails and started writing down all the information in 2 month blocks. Seven months later, voi la! RaisingBaby: A Pocket Guide to Baby’s First Year.

And that is how I got to writing a book – all from a moment of panic and a retrospective analysis!

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