Perfect Pre/Post Preggo Pants

Alright, let’s talk about my latest discovery… the best pre- and post- pregnancy pants ever… My younger sister found them by accident and now we literally own every single pair! They are the UniQlo Leggings Pants!! They come in great colors and have a real button in the front and real pockets in the back. The ‘zipper’ and front ‘pockets’ are sewn in seams, so your pregnancy/mommy brain never has to worry about accidentally leaving your zipper undone! Best part is that they LOOK like real pants and have an amazing stretch at the waist and legs to really accommodate your pre- or post- preggo belly! I literally wear them to work everyday… Definitely check them out when you can… you will not be disappointed. Oh wait, did I forgot to mention that they are ONLY $22!!! Yes real- looking, super comfy stretch pants for only $22! I will post a few outfits that I came up with wearing these pants and simple tops, getting looks for under $40! Stay tuned….


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