Book Reviews

My favorite book by far! This book was given to me by a dear friend and I can’t thank her enough. I love how all of my questions were answered, this quick read covered more “needed information” than the bigger books sold in stores. Being a first time mom I would recommend this book to all of my friends and family. Well written!!!

This book is a god-send.  It’s very detailed, yet easy to read.  The tasks lists help me to itemize my thoughts and make actionable plans.

This is a wonderful book! We are expecting in January and this book really covers the basics/need-to-knows without being overwhelming with too much information. I love how practical it is and the handy tips which you don’t really hear at routine doctor’s visits. I love the advice on what is really needed for newborns. It’s also really neat that it is broken out into sections based on the baby’s age. A lot of great ideas in the way this book was written. I would HIGHLY recomend to all parents.

The book is AWESOME. Really organized and easy to follow.

Have to say, from real world experience of becoming first time parents, this book has been GREAT! So glad I got it in time!!!

I love that the book is so crisp. No extra stuff. There is stuff that I have read and heard about but all in one place. I even asked my mom to read it because she never had a chance to go to the grandparent classes. It’s been extremely useful especially with the sample schedules!

Cuts right to the chase, which is EXACTLY what we needed. We keep it on the nightstand as a quick reference and it’s great!

What a great, easy to read AND follow guide. I only wish I had this the first time around, I could have saved myself many white hairs… It was definitely a life saver with my third boy, as with my twin boys I don’t even remember their first year! I highly recommend this guide to everyone – it is full of information and advice that only a friend who has “been there” would give you, and as a bonus it comes from a professional! And for second time moms like me, it helps refresh your memory on what transitions to make and when.

This book is awesome!  As a first time dad, I’m nervous about having a kid and don’t have a lot of time to prepare.  I read this whole book in about an hour, and gave me a good sense of what to expect and do when the baby comes.  This has a TON of information in a small package, and it beats reading a 200 page tome on child rearing.   I’ll refer to it again as the baby grows, and I highly recommend it to other soon-to-be fathers to read BEFORE the baby comes. Your wife will thank you!

I love this book. It is packed full of great information that I never got from the dozens of other parenting books I own. For instance, it tells you the solids babies should be eating (and how much), how to encourage sitting/crawling/standing, and how to bottle feed. I consider myself to be a pretty well-informed parent, but I learned so much from Raising Baby.