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Over the last few months, I really thought about things that were making me frustrated/sad/mad/impatient etcetera with my kids… Quite to my surprise there was a laundry list of which most of it had to do with me! So I decided – since there is NO WAY I could be the only one dealing with these kind of issues through the toddler years. SO I want to make this a place where we can share our journeys of Raising our Babies together… the ups, the downs, the tricks and the tips… lets all get together and get through this insanity!

Today I would like to share one of my biggest dilemmas – and I HOPE you will chime in to make it all make sense for me/provide guidance and/or validation.


Over the last 6 months, I have really been pushing my 3-year-old daughter to feed herself. Mainly when we are at home, but also times like at parties – especially if the “big kids” around her are feeding themselves. In my stubbornness to have her feed herself and be a big girl, every night at the dinner table has been “Take a bite or else…” “Take a bite and I will give you…” “Take a bit or no…” “Take a bite if you want to…”! Unless its something she wants to eat (mostly food with no nutritional value), every night there is this ongoing saga where tensions rise, then she ends up being a ‘bad girl’ for not finishing her food after being given an hour to do so, and she loses out on being a ‘good girl’ for the small amount she did eat herself. I tried the just let her eat however much she wants and she will learn, and she has legit gone 2-3 dinners of not eating a bite. I should also mention that her 2-year-old sister sits across the table from her being fed by an adult.

So, at the start of 2015 (she is now 3.5 yrs old), I decided to just go back to feeding her (only our ethnic food, as the other stuff she still eats on her own), where I tell her stories and she just eats. Dinner is finished in 20 minutes, no one is tense, everyone is a good girl and then we can go on to playing before bathtime and milk. I do feel like it’s a step backwards, but for the sanity and happiness at the end of the day… is it worth it??! HELP!!! How long did you feed your toddler? How did you transition to full meals on their own? Are there any tips/tricks you have used to get your toddler to eat on their own – even stuff they may not like!?


  1. Lauren says

    i too find myself feeding my 3 year old son. It depends on their day. If he is exhausted, I find him more sluggish and less likely to feed himself. I experienced the same with my 5 year old too when he was that age but now he has grown out of it. The taking away doesn’t tend to work until they are older because they can’t always associate the cause of taking away with it not being immediate ; meaning by the time you take it something away, a half hour or more has gone by and they can no longer associate he cause to the consequence. The girls will grow out of it.

  2. Sulayne says

    My little man is about to be three and he already feeds himself. To be completely honest I contributed nothing to the fact that he does it himself. He started getting upset when we would try to feed him, as he preferred to feed himself and so we would allow him to do it. However, we do have similar struggles in the sense that I have such a hard time getting him to eat veggies and other foods of nutritional value. Like your little one, some meals go completely untouched! I have a hard time getting him to eat it and at this point I can’t even feed him myself !!! Veggies are the biggest offender and we’ve tried most of the tricks, hiding it in the food, blending it into the mashed potatoes etc, but he just doesn’t eat it! Even foods we were sure he liked. So any tips/tricks for that would be great for me too.

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